Barry Soetoro
Oil World Turns Upside Down as U.S. Sells Oil in Middle East – 6 February 2018, Wiretapper-in-Chief Barry Soetoro said we could never drill ourselves out oil dependence, and yet that is exactly what we have done. Did Barry ever tell the truth?
7 Times The Obama Administration Obstructed Justice – 13 June 2017, With all of the talk from the left about President Trump's supposed obstruction of justice – read Ben Shapiro's complete legal breakdown here to see how strained such accusations are – it's easy to forget just how easily the left glossed over multiple instance of activity bordering on obstruction during the Obama years.
US hands internet control to ICANN – 1 October 2016, Capping a highly politicized debate, the US government on Saturday let go of its remaining grip on the internet, handing control of the net's address book to a nonprofit.
WATCH: Trump Under Fire Immediately for HAMMERING the Black Community–Is He Right? – 20 August 2016, Trump just made a bid for the black vote, and it's one that is not very politically correct. According to the stats from Obama admin's census (who have been known to change numbers to look better), the numbers support Trump's claims, minorities have suffered more than whites. So, why are they still supporting Obama?
Obama Directive Targets Gunsmithing–Lock, Stock And Barrel – 3 August 2016, Obama signs executive order reclassifying gunsmiths as manufacturers under the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) thereby requiring gunsmiths to register with the U.S. State Department's Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC).
CIA Director: ISIS Has Grown 4,400 Percent Under Obama – 18 November 2015, CIA Director John Brennan has admitted that the Islamic State terror group has grown by around 4,400 percent during President Barack Obama's tenure in office, according to remarks delivered in a speech.
Obama Admits US is Training ISIL (ISIS) – 7 July 2015, Vile Muslim sympathizer Barry Soetoro admits training ISIL units. ISIL was Barry's version of ISIS.
Islamism, the Arab Spring, and the Failure of America's Do-Nothing Policy in the Middle East – 9 October 2015, It was nice to think the region's uprisings weren't about the United States, or didn't have to be. But in part they were, and they did.
Obama issues 'executive orders by another name' – 17 December 2014, By issuing his directives as "memoranda" rather than executive orders, Obama has downplayed the extent of his executive actions.
"We did not know": 9 times the Obama administration was blind sided – Most inept president ever?

Below is a page from Barry's Indonesian elementary school information sheet declaring his religion as Islam. Now some will point out that he had to say that in order to attend that school. I would say that there are always other schools. Regardless, for the 1961 school year, in majority Islamic Indonesia Barry was Muslim.

ObamaCare Bureaucracy

This is the chart Speaker Pelosi did not allow Republicans to mail to constituents using house franking privileges. Come on people do we really need or want an Office of Minority Health or an Office of Civil Rights or a Health Choices Administration? Speaker Pelosi is the queen of all Dimwitocrats!!!
Just say NO to Obama Care!!

All this incompetence brought to you by the Obamanation, Congressional morons like Pelosi, Reid, Frank, and soooo many more that want to design our health care system??? I think NOT!

End of Life Counseling

I suppose liberal / progressive morons want to pass this off as just a coincidence ... but a Harvard (bastion of liberalism) study found that dying seniors who had received end of life counseling (aka do your duty and die kind of stuff) saved on average $1,100 in medical expenses versus dying seniors who chose not to receive counseling. Clearly the elitist morons would like dying seniors to hook up with Dr. Kevorkian. To be fair??? President Obama says he doesn't want to unplug Grandma, but the truth is to save money he wouldn't mind if she died a bit sooner! Is this the kind of CHANGE everybody was thinking about when they voted for the Prevaricator-in-Chief? I certainly hope not!!

Here is a copy of the Veterans counseling pamphlet entitled Your Life Your Choices which while raising some valid points seems to suggest when that we all know when we are going to die and if we arrive at that time in our lives, we should all just accept the inevitable and go peacefully. But can we say for sure just when that time is? Me I'd rather adhere to the following: A life well lived should not safely arrive its grave in a well preserved body; but, rather should skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "Holy Sh!t what a ride!!" Unless and until a qualified doctor says absolutely no chance that I will ever recover, I want anything and everything that can be done to keep my going! Don't you?

Maine's Attempt at Obama Care FAILS

The WSJ reports in an article entitled No Maine Miracle Cure that Maine's mixture of government and private programs is everything Obama Care proclaims to be and has failed, just like Tennessee and Massachusetts before them. What we need is some free market competition that requires larger patient pools, precludes pre-existing conditions, and vests patients in health care decisions such that they are concerned about the cost of services rendered beyond microscopically small co-pays. Both Germany and France have competition and spend less per capita on health care then U.S. But of course, a free market solution is intrinsically opposite of the interests of Dimwitocrats and the insurance companies!!!

Illegal Aliens and Reclaiming our Country

This is not the first time illegal immigration has become a national issue in this country. President Eisenhower set into motion Operation Wetback to address the burgeoning illegals population in favor of making sure troops returning home after WWII did not have to compete with illegal aliens for jobs! Our current illegal alien population is many times greater than in 1954 and we need to address their continued residency here in America in a sane, rational and, yes, compassionate, way. First we need to complete installation of an impenetrable, or nearly so, border fence. Then we need to offer probation in exchange for registration. Any illegal who fails to register and who comes to the attention of the police, in any way, should be deported immediately!! This doesn't make everyone happy and is a solid, reasonable, compassionate compromise!!

Cash for Clunkers or NOT??

Ok, color me confused. At President Obama's urging Congress allocates 2 Billion dollars more for the program and then promptly halts the program. Did he finally realize that car dealers just can not meet demand? Or did he finally realize that a shortage of green cars means increased demand, which in turn means that car dealers are less likely to deal or negotiate prices, which means that the $4,500 benefit Congress intended to benefit consumers is instead lining the pockets of the dealers and car makers!!!

And and by the way, shouldn't we limit the incentive to cars manufactured in American to create American JOBS?

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