Greenpeace Founder Calls Rep. Ocasio–Cortez 'Pompous Little Twit' – The cofounder of environmental activist group Greenpeace tore apart New York Democratic Rep AOC&39;s Green New Deal on Twitter Monday.
Climate Changed: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal Could Cost $93 Trillion, Group Says – 25 Februrary 2019, AOC imagines a world without fossil fuels and jobs for those unwilling to work.
AOC's Green New Deal Website Taken Down After Everyone Makes Fun Of Her Stupid Ideas – 7 February 2019, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-Stalin (D-NY) is in hiding, too embarrassed to even show her face.
Pelosi Can't Even Wait a Day Before Trashing AOC's Green New Deal – 7 February 2019, Even Pelosi dumps on AOC's Green New Deal.
Green New Deal FAQ – 5 February 2019, Copy of AOC's Green New Deal FAQ before it was removed from her website.
AOC wants Dems to take back 'all three chambers of Congress' – 18 November 2018, "All three chambers of Congress, oh rather, all three chambers of government, the Presidency, the Senate, and the House..."

When Justice Is Partial – 23 August 2018, Kim Strassel brilliantly points out Mueller's prosecutorial shortcomings, if only justice were blind…
Strzok Joins List of 25 Top FBI, DOJ Officials Who Have Been Recently Fired, Demoted, or Resigned – 16 August 2018, while demented liberals keep braying about Mueller's successes that have little to do with Russian Collusion, 25 Deep State cabalists have been fired or reassigned because they obstructed justice, championed a false unverified Russian dossier to undermine President Trump, or failed to do their jobs!
Jordan Peterson Debunks White Privilege – 3 August 2018, At the Psychology Department at the University of Toronto the original paper on white privilege "wouldn't have received a passing grade for a hypothesis as part of an undergraduate honors thesis. Not even close. There is no methodology at all."
Just How Far Will the Left Go? – 23 July 2018, A recap of the various plots progressives have tried to overturn President Trump's victory.
New Kamala Harris Bill Asks Federal Taxpayers to Subsidize California's High Housing Costs – 20 July 2018, Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown's mistress Kamala Harris introduces a bill asking the rest of the country to subsidize California''s wasteful culture.
Julian Assange, CrowdStrike, and the Russian Hack That Wasn't – 13 July 2018, Why wouldn't the DNC allow the FBI to examine the DNC's computer after the DNC alleged it had been hacked? Because it never happened.
CBS Military Expert Pushes Back On AP's Army Immigrant Recruit Story – 6 July 2018, AP publishes article saying President Trump is cheating illegal immigrants who volunteered in return for citizenship, fails to mention many people are DQ'ed for various reasons.
A Conversation With Tom Steyer, the Liberal Billionaire Bankrolling Trump’s Impeachment – 29 June 2018, Derranged liberal jokes about nuclear war to "get a real course correction" under President Trump.
First Democratic Senator Calls for Abolishing ICE – 29 June 2018, Liberal nutjob Senator Gillibrand wants to abolish ICE in favor of keeping illegal immigrant children with their criminal parents.
Maxine Waters Cancels Events Following "Very Serious" Death Threats – 29 June 2018, Mad Maxine reaps what she has sown.
Trump Warns Maxine Waters Over Call to Harass Administration Officials – 25 June 2018, President Trump chides Rep Mad Maxine waters for urging supporters to harrass members of Trump's cabinet in public.
Trump slams Red Hen after Sarah Huckabee Sanders asked to leave – 25 June 2018, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, and aide Stephen Miller all suffer intolerant, bellicose liberals at public locations.
Peter Fonda Breaks Silence After Calling For Barron Trump To Be Locked In Cage With Pedophiles – 21 June 2018, Rabid POS, never-was-actor Peter Fonda tweets about locking Barron Trump up with a pedophile and doxing ICE agents.
Bill Maher: 'Bring on the Recession' if It Will Remove Trump – 11 June 2018, Liberal hater Bill Maher makes the case for a recession if it will remove President Trump.
IG Reportedly Finds Comey Defied Authority as FBI Director – 6 June 2018, Dissapointing IG report says no evidence of bias found despite tons of evidence.
Report on DOJ's Handling of Clinton Email Probe Nears Release – 16 May 2018, IG Horowitz has found "reasonable grounds" for believing there has been a violation of federal criminal law in the FBI/DOJ's handling of the Clinton investigation/s and has referred his findings of potential criminal misconduct to Huber for possible criminal prosecution. Here's hoping Hillary needs a lawyer!
Chicago Is Trying to Pay Down Its Debt by Impounding Innocent People's Cars – 25 April 2018, Civil asset forfeiture disproportionately impacts the poor and low income families without the disposable income to pay governmental extortion of this sort.
Kanye West fell for the worst black Republican sales pitch there is. Here’s why. – 24 April 2018, The Washington Post calls Kanye West an Uncle Tom for believeing in conservatives ideals.
How Leftists Become Bullies – 20 April 2018, Daily Wire video on toxic lefties becoming bullies.
Dear Parkland Activists: You Admit to Bullying the Shooter, But Have the Gall to Blame Guns and the NRA? – 29 March 2018, personal responsiblity is not a liberal virtue.
Parkland's Emma Gonzales Admits Bullying the Shooter – 25 March 2018, Says she and her pals tormented the shooter since middle school, is not surprised that he was the shooter, and then screams her justification saying "You didn't know this kid." Sadly this is liberalism today, conform or be ostracized for your differences.
House Rejects Bill to Give Patients a 'Right to Try' Experimental Drugs – 13 March 2018, Incredible ignorant liberals derailed the bill because it might give terminally ill people hope and because it would undermine the FDA. People no, government yes. Makes you wish Pelosi and the rest of the liberals who voted against the humanity in favor of government get the Karma they so richly deserve.
Nancy Pelosi says companies' bonuses to workers because of the tax bill are 'crumbs' – 11 Jan 2018, Nancy Pelosi who has never objected to a spending increase says bonuses to workers based upon President Trump's tax reform are crumbs.
Media Enablers Protected Democratic Predators For Years – 28 November 2017, Scandals: It's bad enough that lawmakers created a taxpayer-financed protection scheme that let them sexually harass their employees. The fact that the mainstream press has apparently been contributing to this cover up is even worse.
Ultimate DC insider: They all knew about Conyers – 27 November 2017, Liberals pretend to care, but they really don't. Why else would they stay mum for years while Rep. John Conyers sexually harassed women?
All the Men Accused of Sexual Harassment and Assault Since Weinstein – 23 October 2017, Mostly liberals, most all dispicable, some gold diggers.
Harvey Weinstein scandal: Total accusers passes 50 women – 24 October 2016, including 48 women who gave their names.
Harvey Weinstein Paid Off Sexual Harassment Accusers for Decades – 5 October 2017, Two decades ago, liberal Hollywood producer, Hillary Clinton pal, and humongous pile of bovine excrement Harvey Weinstein invited Ashley Judd to him a massage or asked if she would watch him shower. Yuck! The cowardly, guttless Ms. Judd escaped, put her career over the safety of others, and never said anything to anyone, thereby enabling Weinstein to continue his power driven, sexual abuse deviancy for 20 years.
Usually, the Weinstein Company Board of Directors just looked the other way. Despite knowing Harvey was a pervert, a rapist, a sodomist, a pedophile, and deviant, the Board had only requied Harvey to tell them when he paid a victim for their silence. Most likely because, IMO, he was the Midas making them all rich. But this time the publicity was too great and the sexual abuser deviant was fired, years too late for many women. May Karma repay those gutless, greed driven liberals for their silence.
Google Issues Ultimatum to Conservative Website: Remove 'Hateful' Article or Lose Ad Revenue – 31 August 2017, On Tuesday evening, liberal, self-appointed moral authority Fascist tyrannt sent a conservative website an ultimatum: remove one of your articles, or lose the ability to make ad revenue on your website. Apparently the First Amendment means nothing to dictators.
Google Fires Engineer Who Wrote Memo Questioning Women in Tech – 7 August 2017, Liberal, allegedly open and inclusive tech giant fires James Damore for the audacity of questioning Google's narrow-minded group think.
Google's Ideological Echo Chamber – 7 August 2017, James Damore' memo with citations proves Damore said nothing wrong or disciminatory.
Study: Describing Breastfeeding as 'Natural' Is Unethical Because It Reinforces Gender Roles – 26 April 2017, It is "ethically inappropriate" for government and medical organizations to describe breastfeeding as "natural" because the term enforces rigid notions about gender roles, claims a new study in Pediatrics.
Online campaign compares St Patrick's Day to Nazism and calls for end to "white pride" celebration – 17 March 2017, Liberal Fascist End St.Patrick's Day (@endstpats) condemns the Irish celebration as a "holiday based in white pride" that promotes xenophobia. Catholicism also comes under fire as a "white organization oppressing millions," while Irish pride is compared to the rise of Nazism.
Most Damaging Wikileaks – 18 March 2017, Just SOME of the thousands of leaks exposing Hillary Clinton's corruption, and mainly comprise of the Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta's emails, as well as a few other sources (FBI docs, DNC leaks, audio leaks, etc.)
Pitzer College RA Tells White Girls to Stop Wearing Hoop Earrings: It's Cultural Appropriation – 10 March 2017, Spectacularly ignorant residential advisor Alegria Martinez at Pitzer College sent a campus–wide email informing students, white women in particular, that they should stop wearing hoop earrings as they were created as a coping mechanism for marginalization. Total bovine excrement.
Ann Coulter: How to Provide Universal Health Care Using This One Easy Trick – 1 March 2017, Ann declares the best solution to replace ObamaCare is to create a free market for health insurance. Unfortunately, no one can imagine what a free market in health care looks like because we haven't had one for nearly a century.
Ben Shapiro Dismantles White Privilege – 26 February 2017, white privilege is liberal poltiically correct construct used to to silence anyone who is not of color." NBC's Chuck Todd: Media knew how 'hated' Hillary was in heartland and we 'underplayed' it – 27 January 2017, NBC's Chuck Todd confessed that he and others in the mainstream news media played down just how despised Hillary Clinton was in the heartland due to the fear of appearing "sexist." What's more, he admitted, the mainstream media failed to "tell the stories of all Americans."
Activists Push To Ban 'Baby It's Cold Outside' Because It Promotes Date Rape – 6 December 2016, I wish this was a fake news satirical story, but sadly, it's true. Liberal activists are outraged that the seasonal song Baby it's Cold Outside should be banned because, wait for it, it promotes sexual harrassment and non-consensual sex.
Mainstream Media Recap: Who Colluded With the Clinton Campaign? – 21 November 2016, This past election cycle was unprecedented in terms of the bias and lack of objectivity exercised by the mainstream media.
THE WIKILEAKS LIST: At Least 65 MSM Reporters Were Meeting with and/or Coordinating Offline with Top Hillary Advisors – 24 October 2016, Wikileaks discloses the names of at least 65 MSM reporters who were working closely with Hildabeest to subvert the 2016 presidential election.
Fight For $15 Meets Reality: D.C. Restaurants Lost 1,400 Jobs During First Half of 2016 – 25 August 2016, In a shocking twist, D.C. is not exempt to the basic laws of economics.
5 Reasons Prescription Drug Prices Are So High in the U.S. – 23 August 2016, The “most important factor” that drives prescription drug prices higher in the United States than anywhere else in the world is the existence of government–protected "monopoly" rights for drug manufacturers, researchers at Harvard Medical School report today.
Road to urban despair paved by Democrats – 19 August 2016, What isn't discussed enough when riots happen and neighborhoods burn is the one thing most common to all these decaying urban tinderboxes. They're run by Democrats.
Princeton University to Staff: Stop Using the Word 'Man' – 19 August 2016, Libtard haven Princeton University is telling faculty and staff to avoid using the word "man" and other male-leaning language.
Kaine: U.S. worse than Iraq, Afghanistan on electing women – 16 August 2016, Vapid VP candidate Senator Tim Kaine says the US has made it difficult for women to be elected to higher office, saying America ranks behind Iraq, Afghanistan and Rwanda in this area.
Soros Hacked, His Son Dined With Tim Kaine – 16 August 2016, The main mover and shaker of progressive politics is the Nazi Sympathizer and billionaire George "Nazi Occupation Happiest Time Of His Life" Soros – who has apparently enlisted his son Alex to do his promoting for him. After more than 2,500 files from his organization were leaked over the weekend (yes, while you watched the riots, George Soros got leaked), people are beginning to see what he has been up to all these years.
Body cam Shows Black Milwaukee Officer Shot Suspect, Sylville Smith, Who Was Raising Gun – 14 August 2016, Body cam Shows Black Milwaukee Officer Shot Suspect, Sylville Smith, Who Was Raising Gun. Victim's sister later caught inciting violence, telling others to burn down the suburbs!
Full list of Soros NGOs manipulating elections in all EU member states – 2014 Open Society listings of Soros backed propaganda outlets.
Sorry, Elizabeth Warren, Women Already Have Equal Pay – 27 July 2016, At the Democratic Convention on Monday night, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker lamented that American women do not earn "equal pay for equal work." A Hillary Clinton administration, they promised, would right this wrong. After controlling for other factors, the gender pay gap practically disappears. Indeed, among single, childless workers under 30, women earn more than men. Legislation to close the gender "wage gap" is misguided: in reality, there is no gap to close.
Review: Kimberly Strassel, "The Intimidation Game: How the Left is Silencing Free Speech" – 26 June 2016, Review of WSJ journalist Kimberly Strassel's new book, available from here.
Epic Correction of the Decade – 8 June 2016, Hoo-wee, the New York Times will really have to extend itself to top the boner and mother-of-all-corrections at the American Journal of Political Science. This is the journal that published a finding much beloved of liberals a few years back that purported to find scientific evidence that conservatives are more likely to exhibit traits associated with psychoticism, such as authoritarianism and tough-mindedness, and that the supposed "authoritarian" personality of conservatives might even have a genetic basis (and therefore be treatable someday?).
The Obama Administration's Defiance of Inspectors General-A Faulty Opinion from the Justice Department – 11 December 2015, An indepth look at the obfuscation and neutering of the Inspector Generals across the government.
Obama administration restricts investigative powers of inspectors general – 23 July 2015, The Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel under liberal trash Eric Holder decides to limit the ability of all Inspector Generals throughout the government to do their jobs. Viola, no scandals because the IGs cannot do their jobs.
7 Things Liberals REALLY MEAN When They Cry "Racism" – 29 March 2014
The Myth of the Clinton Surplus – 31 October 2007, The government can have a surplus even if it has trillions in debt, but it cannot have a surplus if that debt increased every year. This article is about surplus/deficit, not the debt. However, it analyzes the debt to prove there wasn't a surplus under Clinton.
The Myth of the Clinton Surplus, Part II – 23 November 2008, Why a claimed $236 billion surplus resulted in the national debt increasing by $18 billion. That it was perhaps one of the smallest deficits ever, does not mean that there was a surplus.

Obama Diversionary Initiative Provides Career Growth, Opportunities for Juvenile Delinquents
Trump 'plans to scrap' Obama-era rule that turned schools into war zones – 24 March 2018, The Trump administration plans this summer to scrap more of Obama's mind numbingly stupid discipline rule forced on schools to close racial gaps in suspensions and arrests but that critics say pressures educators to turn a blind eye to escalating bad behavior.
5 Ways Obama's Discipline Policy Made Schools Less Effective and Safe – 13 March 2018, Racist liberal, victim blaming strategy backfires. Crime and violence increases when schools stop holding delinquents accountable.
Obama's lax discipline policies made schools dangerous – 23 December 2017, Extraordinarily stupid Obama policy pressured educators to adopt a new code of conduct making it harder to suspend or expel students of color, even kids who punch out their teacher aren't automatically kicked out of school anymore.
Teacher Coalition Seeks to End Obama School Discipline Policy: 'A Lot of Fear in Schools' – 2 March 2018, Obama diversionary initiative rendering schools fearful, unsafe for kids, teachers. Liberals have misconstrued George Orwell's 1984 as a user guide. Perhaps they are conflating Utopia and Dystopia?
Does Broward Schools' Program Coddle Troubled Students and Excuse Dangerous Behavior? – 28 February 2018, Of course the program excused dangerous behavior, Sheriffs were called to Parkland shooter's home over 20 times including physical threats. The Broward Sheriff's failed their duty to keep the peace, to protect We the People.
Incompetence Wasn"t the Problem in Broward County – 26 February 2018, 20 to 35 calls to Broward County Sheriff for mentally unstable Parkland shooter part of Obama diversionary program to avoid arrest records for poor kids, kids of color ends in yet another tragedy.
Joint DOE, DOJ Dear Colleague Letter – 8 January 2014, Mentally unhinged, myopic liberals deciding We the People can endure criminals to save poor children, children of color from having to suffer the consequences of their actions, provides for the support and development career thugs and criminals. Unable to reform the miscreants morals, they opt to make society endure living with juvenile domestic terrorists.
Broward County Florida Schools Institute The "Trayvon Martin Standard" For Student / Police Avoidance…. – 10 November 2013, A FOIA requests to the Miami Dade School Police Department revealed secret discipline and diversionary program Trayvon Martin was granted to avoid a criminal record.
Collaborative Agreement on School Discipline – 5 November 2013, Group think stupidly reflected in the agreement between Broward County Judiciary, State Attorney, Sheriff, Public Defender, Ft Lauderdale Police, Ft Lauderdale NAACP, Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, and the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board to divert poor kids, kids of colors from arrests because, you know not teaching consequences is the best way to create more crime, career criminals.
In Florida, Agreement to Reduce Student Arrests – 5 November 2013, Obama DOE's initiative to not reduce the arrest of poor kids, kids of color misses the point of who is to blame for the arrests. People need to be held responsible for their actions, need to understand consequences.
Miami-Dade Schools Police Reduce Juvenile Delinquency By 60 Percent – 15 February 2012, The impetus for the Broward County diversionary program? School district touts success, does not mention they simply stopped enforcing the law. I'm surprised after all the bad press Miami-Dade Schools has left this Media Advisory on their site, perhaps it is a broken link and they are just too stupid to fix it.

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