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Overwhelming Evidence That Obamacare Caused Premiums To Increase Substantially – 28 July 2016, Two Brookings Institution scholars sold their souls declaring ObamaCare actually dropped the average premiums when in fact they caused them to increase substantially.

ObamaCare Bureaucracy

This is the chart Speaker Pelosi did not allow Republicans to mail to constituents using house franking priviliges. Come on people do we really need or want an Office of Minority Health or an Office of Civil Rights or a Health Choices Administration? Speaker Pelosi is the queen of all Dimwitocrats!!!
Just say NO to Obama Care!!

All this incompetence brought to you by the Obamanation, Congressional morons like Pelosi, Reid, Frank, and soooo many more that want to design our health care system??? I think NOT!

End of Life Counseling

I suppose liberal / progressive morons want to pass this off as just a coincidence ... but a Harvard (bastion of liberalism) study found that dying seniors who had received end of life counseling (aka do your duty and die kind of stuff) saved on average $1,100 in medical expenses versus dying seniors who chose not to receive counseling. Clearly the elitist morons would like dying seniors to hook up with Dr. Kevorkian. To be fair??? President Obama says he doesn't want to unplug Grandma, but the truth is to save money he wouldn't mind if she died a bit sooner! Is this the kind of CHANGE everybody was thinking about when they voted for the Prevaricator-in-Chief? I certainly hope not!!

Here is a copy of the Veterans counseling pamphlet entitled Your Life Your Choices which while raising some valid points seems to suggest when that we all know when we are going to die and if we arrive at that time in our lives, we should all just accept the inevitable and go peacefully. But can we say for sure just when that time is? Me I'd rather adhere to the following: A life well lived should not safely arrive its grave in a well preserved body; but, rather should skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "Holy Sh!t what a ride!!" Unless and until a qualified doctor says absolutely no chance that I will ever recover, I want anything and everything that can be done to keep my going! Don't you?

Maine's Attempt at Obama Care FAILS

The WSJ reports in an article entitled No Maine Miracle Cure that Maine's mixture of government and private programs is everything Obama Care proclaims to be and has failed, just like Tennessee and Massachusetts before them. What we need is some free market competition that requires larger patient pools, precludes pre-existing conditions, and vests patients in health care decisions such that they are concerned about the cost of services rendered beyond microscopically small co-pays. Both Germany and France have competition and spend less per capita on health care then U.S. But of course, a free market solution is intrinsically opposite of the interests of Dimwitocrats and the insurance companies!!!

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